They Whiteboarded Me

Fizz Buzz O(nlog(n))


From coding challenges that measure the wrong things, to demoralizing whiteboarding or live-coding interviews that only seem to cause and placate impostor syndrome, reduce diversity and place applicants under significant stress, it is obvious that things are broken.

It's time that tech workers demand a better interview process. How do we do that? Simple!

Step 1

Review the list of companies that whiteboard.

Step 2

I'm Looking for a Job

If you are looking for a job, only apply and accept interview requests with companies that do not whiteboard. A handy list of companies that do not whiteboard may be found, courtesy of Hiring Without Whiteboards. Decline interview requests with companies that do whiteboard. Be sure to explain why you are declining to interview with a given company.

I'm Not Looking for a Job and My Company Does Not Whiteboard

Awesome! Our friends at Hiring Without Whiteboards would love to know about that! Submit a Pull Request and you'll get a lot of awesome people headed your way!

I'm Not Looking for a Job and My Company Whiteboards

Please have a look at why whiteboarding is bad. This next part is easier said than done, but please fix your process. It will benefit your company in the long run. Plus, you will be removed from the list.